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Welcome to Complete Roofing Experts Glenelg. We service the Holdfast Bay region and beyond. If you're in Somerton Park, Glengowrie, Glenelg North and surrounding areas, then call us for a free quote.

We aren't like the sales companies who put out an overly inflated quote, and then offer an on the spot "discount". We simply look at what you would like done, and work with you for the best possible price.

Services we offer:

  • Free Quotes and Our Very Best Prices
  • Roof Restoration
  • New Roof
  • Colorbond Roofs
  • Tiled Roofs
  • Fix Roof Leaks
  • Eaves and Gutters
  • Roof Respray (great value to make your roof look new)
  • Roof Repointing
  • Pressure Cleaning

So give us a call for a free quote, you'll be happy you did. Best service and prices guaranteed. Check out our many 5 star reviews for quality and price.

Installing a new roof is a very time-consuming task. It is better left up to experts that know what they're doing. If you happen to live in Glenelg, on the coast of St. Vincent Gulf, there are many roofing companies that will be ready to help. They are well aware of how the weather can affect a roof. They will have materials that will be the most decorative and protective. If you have decided to install a new roof, or if you need roofing repairs, you should consider calling the experts at Complete Roofing Experts Glenelg. Here is a brief overview of the many services that we offer and why you should consider using our company

Roofing Glenelg

Locating a reputable roofing company in Glenelg it is not difficult to do. There will always be projects that people need to have done. They may have a persistent leak that needs to be fixed or perhaps they are thinking about putting a new roof on their home. It is important to only work with a fully licensed and experienced company.

Roof Restoration

Complete Roofing Experts Glenelg is a business that also specializes in roof restoration projects. You may have certain areas that need to be repaired. If it is necessary, we can remove the entire roof and replace it with a new one. We will also present you with many possible choices for new roofing material.

Roof ReSpray (repainting)

If repainting or respraying a roof is necessary, our company can do that for you at a reasonable cost. Not only will this improve the appearance of your roof, but it can add that extra layer of protection. It will make it less likely that leaks will occur, all the while improving its curbside appeal.

Colorbond Roof Replacement

Colorbond is one of the more popular roofing materials in Australia. It is often the top choice for roofers that do offer this service. It is because of the quality of the material, and also the wide variety of styles and colours, that people often choose this over any other product. If you do need to have a roof replacement, we can use Colorbond to enhance your roof in no time at all.

Eaves and Gutter Replacement

It is vitally important that you have a good gutter circumventing your home. This will allow you to capture all of the rainwater and redirect it. Likewise, you may need to have eaves repaired or improved upon. We can do that as well for a reasonable cost.

New Colorbond Roof

If it is time to put on a new roof, a Colorbond roof is likely the best choice. Although these materials can be more expensive, they will last much longer and will certainly have a better appearance. This is a top choice for people in the Glenelg area, and you may also want to get a new roof using this reliable product.

Tiled Roof Re-Pointing

Re-pointing a roof that is tiled is also something that we can do for you. This should be done in order to improve your roof in several ways. A tiled roof, in general, is going to look very elegant. We can improve it, or even repair it, if necessary.

Roof Tile Repairs And Replacement

The cost of replacing a roof can be quite expensive. This is very true if you have a tiled roof. However, many companies are not experts in working with tiles. That's why you should consider getting a quote from our business to see how much it will cost.

If you do have reservations about the quality of your roof, or you simply want it to look brand-new, it might be time to put a new one on. If you are in Glenelg, we can come out to your location, take measurements, and provide you with an assessment of what needs to be done. We will be able to install a Colorbond if that is what you want. This is always a good choice to make. From installing gutters to doing roofing repairs, you can't go wrong working with Complete Roofing Experts Glenelg.

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